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Fast Australian Shipping - Your Online Pet Store
Fast Australian Shipping - Your Online Pet Store

Cat Carriers

Traveling with your feline friend is not a problem. Whether you travel long distances or fly around the country, your kitty is well worth the trip. Cat carriers come in various sizes and shapes. It is important to select the carrier that fits according to your cat needs.

When choosing a carrier for your cat, first make sure it is not too big or too small. The kitty cat is not feeling safe if it is too large. Your cat got scared if it is too small. Our carriers have different levels of visibility. Some have walls with air vents, while others have a wired cage where cats can see their surroundings. Some cats may feel safe along the walls, while others prefer to look outside the carrier. Don’t forget to use your cat for the carrier before you want to use it. Encourage them to eat, play, and sleep throughout their carrier. Hopefully, this means they will not associate their cat with something completely hostile like a veterinarian.

Your Online Pet Store” offers inclusive pet carriers that are the perfect solution for all your cat companions. Whether it's your choice of an indoor wire crate, easy-to-carry, fabric travel pod, or mobile crate for convenience, access to “Your Online Pet Store” is definitely what you're looking for. All of our carriers are firmly built, safe and pet-friendly, with ventilated sides and clean trays.