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Fast Australian Shipping - Your Online Pet Store
Fast Australian Shipping - Your Online Pet Store

Small Animal Bedding & Litter

Having bedding in your pet's living room is important. It helps them to stay comfortable and gives them a specific place to sleep. You can find a wide variety of guinea pig beds and rabbit litter in “Your Online Pet Store”. It is a suitable sleeping habitat for rats, mice, ferrets, and other small animals. At “Your Online Pet Store” you will find powder beds, paper towels, and straw.
A pellet paper bed is similar to spinal paper but is still in pellet form. Paper bins are ready for use on rabbit trays. This is because it absorbs too much and the pellet form will discourage them from using their tray as a bed. It is also ecologically friendly because it utilizes recycled paper made from small pellets. Our store’s Stock Back-2-Nature and Lil Friends wallpaper.
Your Online Pet Store” offers important nutrients for rabbits and guinea pigs. Small animals also use straw as a sleeper because it is warm for nesting. Though rats may not require to eat grass it works just as well as rats and rat sleep. This is because it is something, they can use to create cosy nests. Paper pulp is soft, absorbs, and regulates odour. What more could you ask for in your bed of corn or your pig? Paper pulp works well as bedding for small animals due to its absorption and that it produces less dust than traditional wood shaving. This is also an echo friendly option because it is developed from recycled paper. The most widespread product we have in store is Critters Comfort.