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Small Animal Food & Treats

In their natural habitat, small mammals can eat a variety of foods, looking for their own needs. Most mammals are herbivores (vegetarian-only), although few omnivores (predators). As partners, they have the same needs, which you can meet with the high daily diets made by “Your Online Pet Store”, direct, and many others. Some small mammals will need dietary supplements as well as their nutrition foods, such as dark-leafed vegetables, vegetables, and fruits.
Your Online Pet Store” offers a complete range of selected pet food options at many premium quality prices. The food is intended for your pet, be it a rabbit, pork, or ferret, and contains all the nutrients needed to ensure your pet is healthy and in good health. There are also many new and innovative ways to eat, as well as boredom. They can be small but rabbits, guinea pigs, and small mice have high nutritional needs. For your pet to live a long and healthy life, you will need to feed it with a balanced diet. This includes good quality rabbit food or guinea pig food as well as extra fruits and vegetables.
Guinea pigs need a high amount of vitamin C in their food because of the reason that they cannot make it by themselves. Due to this reason, guinea pigs' diet is enriched with vitamin C. Without this essential vitamin they can be attacked by scurvy. Types of guinea pig’s management and food stored at “Your Online Pet Store”. Sufficient nourishment is also significant for the fitness of small gnawers, such as rats and mice. We keep the food of rat and mice from different sources that meet their dietary needs

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