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Hermit Crab

Your Online Pet Store Hermit crabs are fun, attractive little creatures that will make the perfect pets for your home. They are easy to maintain and economical, and their crab freaks are educational in climbing, digging, melting, and shell changing. Although they are crabs, Hermit crabs are very delicate and can be handled by their pet parents. They are nothing more than hermits and enjoy the company of other “Hermie’s”. They love toys! Hermit crabs love to climb on anything, and decorating your new friend’s habitat will create a fun family.


The right drinking container is very important for the health of your crab. Since Hermit crabs are very sensitive to metal, make sure yours is a non-metallic, non-porous container. Also, make sure your container is not too deep because they like to drag themselves into the water container. If you have large and small crabs, place a natural sea sponge in the middle of the dish so there is something to catch even if the small crabs stumble and can’t get out.

Hermit crabs come from the tropical and subtropical regions of Australia and live in coastal sand-forests where freshwater is available. Weekly they migrate to the coast and bathe in saltwater. Separate bowls should be provided for each, as it requires constant access to saltwater, freshwater, and food. Along with the heat source, the areas where the crabs have to climb are also essential. This can often be achieved with a rock, tree, log branch. An absorbent substrate such as cocoa charcoal is important. The substrate is kept moist to help maintain adequate moisture content.

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    Hermit Crab Kit

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