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Dog Grooming Tools

Just like any human, dogs can get messy and require regular grooming, but unlike humans, who only look good after a haircut, dogs need to be groomed so that they can remain healthy. Dog hair can hide massive problems like cysts, infections, fleas and ticks. Regular grooming can alert you to any issues that arise on that account before it’s too late.

Grooming entails different things depending on a dog breed and includes teeth cleaning, claw clipping, brushing the coat, bathing, and wiping the eyes and ears. You can detect unusual smells while cleaning out the teeth and clipping the claws can help you see if the paws are all right. As a dog sheds, the loose hair can get stuck in its coat and form a mat which can irritate the skin at least and can result in amputation due to constriction of vessels due to much-unattended mat a worst. Brushing out your dog’s coat clears the pores and airs the skin while avoided matted fur. It also has the added benefit of less shedding round the house.

If you want your dog’s coat to remain sleek and shiny, bathing it is an excellent idea. Dog eyes are sensitive and need to be cleaned regularly to avoid tear-stains, cleaning discharge. Cleaning the eyes also helps you detect signs of infection if any. Dog ears also need to be cleaned especially if the dog is long-haired as the hair can accumulate in its ears. Clean the ears because dirt gathers in them and be attentive for anything that looks weird while you are doing it.

Here at Your Online Pet Store, our collection of dog cleaning tools features every tool you need to make sure that your furry friends stay and look their best.

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