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Reptile Cleaning & Odours

Reptiles require special care to maintain hygiene. For regular cage maintenance, it needs a safe and healthy home for your flock and a pleasant, odorless, and attractive showroom for your enjoyment. Reptiles' habitats and cages should be cleaned regularly because reptiles are susceptible to skin and bacterial infections. And since their feces can carry bacteria like Salmonella that can cause disease in humans, your reptile cage needs to be regularly cleaned and disinfected with upholstery and cleaning equipment.

You will find the appropriate disinfectant in Your Online Pet Store. It is suitable for cleaning the enclosure and reptile enclosure. After cleaning the enclosure with any dirty material, you can safely clean the premises using a disinfectant. This will protect your reptiles from getting sick through poor hygiene. It protects family members from feces contamination. You may want to give daily checks to make sure there are no leftovers in the diet. You can also quickly patrol the stool and clean up any small mess. It is important for you when you clean thoroughly. You need a disinfectant to clean your snake completely. This is your little friend and you can clean every last inch when everything comes out of the enclosure.

To control fungal infections, we recommend bathing your reptiles with lukewarm water. Soak them for 20-30 minutes. Some reptiles, such as the Beard Dragons, allow you to use a soft toothbrush to brush under your abdomen, arms, and legs. After bathing, if you can still smell the odor coming from them, you should consult a reptile vet as soon as possible as fungal infection can cause other health problems.