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Fast Australian Shipping - Your Online Pet Store
Fast Australian Shipping - Your Online Pet Store

Small Animal Cages & Habitats

A good pet food, a clean and dry environment, fresh food and water, safe toys, and daily attention are important things that will make your little animal happy and healthy. In a week how usual do you clean your pet cage depending on the size of the cage and the animal’s number that live in the cage? Around one time a week, eliminate all sheets and wash the cage with a small solution of soap. Clean the cage with hygienic water to eliminate all soap remainder. At all times change the old bed with a new bed. A muddy cage can lead to your animal having trouble breathing due to the formation of ammonia in the cage due to urine.
The ideal location for a small animal will vary depending on the animal. From rabbits to mice, “Your Online Pet Store” has the perfect cages for your furry friend. This is vital to take your pet to a pet doctor for a yearly inspection. The requirement for some pets to be vaccinated every year, like ferrets and rabbits. Doing homework is recommended before buying a small mammal as a pet.
The idea of purchasing a cage or hut online may look frightening, as you will not physically get the product but “Your Online Pet Store” will do its best to support you think of the available products. If you feel confused about what closure you should buy, give us a cry. We will help you find the right one for you and your pet. You will find rabbit houses inside and outside our online store. Our indoor rabbit cages feature an air-tight mesh and a removable plastic base for easy cleaning. The outdoor huts are made of wood in a wooded area or a beautiful grey colour. Meanwhile, guinea pigs mostly love to live in pairs (or more) they need a fence around the same as one rabbit.