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Fast Australian Shipping - Your Online Pet Store

Fish Filtration Media

Strainers or filters are important for the well-being of your fishbowl. They continue the nitrogen cycle working and assist to maintain your tank residents fit. Filter media is everything embedded in a filter that alters the quality of water flowing through it. There is variation in media presented, certain species can be selected to make a beautiful space in your aquarium.
The three types of filter media are:
- Biological
- Chemical
- Mechanical
All three species are recommended, but the aquarium needs to have at least biological and mechanical filters. Parts of these media types can be added to the same filter. Three types of filters use three types of media to perform their functions.
Choosing the right type of media can be a little confusing because there are so many different options out there. Don't get your edges but the aquarium filter media title may be a little confusing. But “Your Online Pet Store” can clear your confusion with its wide range of filters.
Mechanical filtering captures food particles and waste. Sponge-like media is commonly used because it has large compartments that hold large particles. Media filter filters on the machine you will find in our store including wool filter, cartridge pads, carbon cartridges, and sponge.
Use of chemical filters (yep, guess what!) Chemically improved media to remove unwanted substances from the water. Chemical filtration is often seen as optional and the other two methods are very common in all fish tanks. The chemical filtering filter media you will find in our online store includes - carbon filters, phosphate pads, and API Bio-Chem Zorb 283g.
To put it simply - biological filters are filters made by friendly bacteria. These nitrifying bacteria are inside your filter and help eliminate toxins from the water. The filter media for the organic fish filter you will find in “your online pet store” includes - aquarium filter filters, Fluval Bio-Foam 206-207 306-307 and sponge pads.