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Fast Australian Shipping - Your Online Pet Store


Not only does the substrate of the fish tank give your aquarium a completely new look, but it also provides a natural foundation for aquatic plant growth - which can make it a great place for your fish to live and thrive. Organic plants need aquarium soil to promote root growth and provide nutrient-rich nutrients. Planted tank substrates are made of volcanic rock rich in minerals or easy-to-clean rock formations and are also used as groundwater for outdoor ponds. If you want a more comfortable appearance, you will find shiny stones, flexible glass beads, and a metal bead that you can use as the underside of your aquarium. All of our fish tank layers are non-toxic and harmless in freshwater aquarium.
The aquarium substrate is required as the basic level of the aquarium. This layer is 1-2 ”deep depending on the size of your tank, and has many purposes. The substrate can help keep living plants, plastic plants, and other tank decorations in place. Bacteria that are useful in your aquarium ecosystem grow easily on the surface of the substrate material. And some creatures in your aquarium may prefer to hide or dig in the substrate itself. However, debris and algae can also grow on the substrate as well. When you regularly clean your aquarium, you will want to completely clean the visible waste from the stone substrate, or if it is difficult to clean it like sand, you will want to completely replace it. Using the Fluval ProVac Gravel Cleaner is a great way of keeping your substrate clean
At “Your Online Pet Store” we offer a substrate fit for all freshwater fish and saltwater fish. Sand, rocks, river stones - even beads in the fluorescent colours of an eye-catching tank. Be sure to check the substrate requirements for the fish you wish to keep. When setting up your tank, you should always clean the substrate before installing it in your aquarium. For beginners, an aquarium kit is a good idea. You will want to choose your fish carefully, as some have more compatible tank partners than others. And every aquarium needs proper lighting, a filter system, and tools to monitor and maintain the water quality of your tank.