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Reptile Thermostats

Thermostats control the heat generated by the heating element, helping to ensure that your pet's reptiles have a constant basking temperature and reduce the risk of burning or overheating. Without a reptile thermometer, you cannot effectively measure your pet’s environmental conditions. Sure, you can, but some reptiles need very precise temperature and humidity levels to live happy and healthy lives. As a reptile keeper, you know that temperature is very important for reptiles. Reptiles are cold-blooded, so they need a heat source to help control their temperature. The ambient temperature should also be kept warm to keep them neat and comfortable. Your Online Pet Store reptile thermometer, so you can accurately measure the temperature of your reptile terrarium.

The thermostat helps to control the temperature. They can be used to monitor the temperature inside your reptiles with a probe placed in the tank. The probe then signals to turn the thermostat on or off to maintain the desired temperature. This saves you energy and keeps your reptiles from overheating. The thermostat can be used to control heating pads, lamps, or other heating appliances.

There are two types of thermostats:

Eco Tech On/Off Thermostats turns the heating element on and off as needed to maintain the target temperature. They are compatible with heat mats, heat tapes, ceramic heat emitters, and radiant heat panels.

Habistat Dimming Thermostats dim the heating element to maintain the target temperature. They are compatible with all of the above, as well as deep heat projectors and halogen heat bulbs. They can extend the life of the heating element.

A thermostat is required to safely operate heat mats, heat tapes, or radiant heat panels! Choose from Your Online Pet Store top brands to keep your reptiles safe and comfortable.