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Fast Australian Shipping - Your Online Pet Store

Small Animal Collars & Leashes

It is becoming increasingly popular for animal parents to take their rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small animals out into fresh air and sunlight with a harness and belt. The use of a rabbit or ferret harness or walking jacket is popular as it helps to reduce the amount of neck and spinal pressure felt in the direction of the leash. Guiding a rabbit or small animal will not only help you guide your pet better when walking but will also help keep your pet safe by your side. Also, with a ferret, rabbit, or guinea pig harness, you can be sure that your favourite pet will get enough exercise by taking you out for a walk.
Some ferrite straps and lead sets are made of strong nylon material so that you can safely fit into your pet companion. For fashion-forward pets, lead sets are available in fun animal prints. Several products are offered that can be used as bands for a guinea pig as they can change their location around the body securely and easily, and have a prolonged movement to assist in prevention from damages. Some ferret walking jackets feature a double harness-style accessory with a quick-snap strap and adjustable strap that keeps your pet moving every time for a cute hour. Capture more quality time today with your favourite little animal in the saddle of a rabbit, guinea pig, or other small animal and with a leash from Your Online Pet Store.

You should take care of them at all times when using the saddle on small animals. This will see that they do not get stuck in the rope. This is important for guinea pigs because they have very delicate spines. Rabbits and guinea pigs love to explore, although they are concerned about running for free due to their size. Getting your fluffy pet strap or saddle from Your Online Pet Store can solve this problem. You roam freely and you are safe knowing that it does not make any rabbit holes disappear.