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Fast Australian Shipping - Your Online Pet Store

Reptile Substrate

Reptiles feel secure at their home so that’s why you must your reptile home within your home. Your reptile floor is important for your reptiles just like your carpet is important to you. Removing your pet's substrate debris helps keep their habitat clean, helps maintain temperature and humidity, and helps your reptile drag. All reptiles have different requirements; You need to research which substrate is best for your pet’s needs.

Your Online Pet Store Provides the best brands and substrates, bedding, and liners at affordable prices. If you have any questions please contact us to use our excellent customer service! Sliding, crawling, shuffling, and sliding. Reptiles move in many ways. No matter how your reptile comes in, it is important to provide him with the right reptile substrate for his needs. There are many types of substrates you can use in your reptile enclosure. Each has unique benefits and is ideal for some different species.

Red desert sand is ideal for a desert habitat because it represents a desert habitat. It conducts heat efficiently and promotes digging and burying behavior. Reptile sand is a suitable lizard and snake substrate if it is a desert-dwelling reptile. The brands of reptile sand stored in Your Online Pet Store are Exo Terra Desert Sand and Veto farm Desert Sand.

Mostly reptile owners use reptile chips for their landscapes. These chips are constructed from bark or coconut husks and can create good reptile beds for reptiles that prefer moisture. The structure of the chips means that they can be dug and buried in the substrate by reptiles. The brands of reptile chips stored in Your Online Pet Store include Coco Jungle Beetle Reptile Frog Lizard Snake Terrain Molecular, Exo Terra Moss Matte, and Zoo's Med Aspen Snake Bed. Moisture in the soil will increase as the substrate can be moistened with water. Moss mat is healthier and softer than natural algae, making it ideal for reptiles and waterfowl. Brands of reptile moss stored in Your Online Pet Store: Exo Terra Moss Mat Mini.