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API Stress Coat 592ml + API Stress Zyme 592ml

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API Stress Coat 592ml + API Stress Zyme 592ml

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API Stress Coat 592ml + API Stress Zyme 592ml

API Stress Coat makes tap water safe and contains the healing power of Aloe Vera, scientifically proven to reduce fish stress and heal damaged tissue. It forms a synthetic slime coating and replaces the natural secretion of slime that is interrupted by handling, shipping, fish fighting, or other forms of stress. Helps reduce susceptibility to disease and infection. Helps heal torn fins and skin wounds. Also works instantly to remove chlorine and chloramines from tap water and neutralizes heavy metals.

  • Makes tap water safe; removes chlorine and chloramines from tap water.
  • Proven to reduce fish stress by 40%.
  • Contains Aloe Vera, proven to heal wounds and promote regeneration of damaged fish tissue.
  • Reduces electrolyte loss.
  • Use when starting a new aquarium, adding or changing water and adding fish.

Dose rate 5ml per 38l of tank water

Stress Zyme adds beneficial bacteria to break down and consume organic matter to help keep the aquarium clean. The bacteria in Stress Zyme is uniquely suited to consume aquarium sludge, and keep the gravel clean. Contains over 300 million live bacteria per teaspoonful. Breaks down organic compounds that cause dangerous conditions such as ammonia and nitrite poisoning and low oxygen levels. These bacteria improve the development of the biological filter and help clean a dirty aquarium. Making Stress Zyme a part of regular care assures an active biological filter, cleaner aquarium, healthier fish and good water quality.

  • Contains live bacteria to consume sludge and reduce aquarium maintenance.
  • Keeps aquariums clean.
  • Improves biological filter.
  • No refrigeration necessary.
  • For use in fresh and saltwater.